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  • Why Is The Right Size Mat Important?

    The size of indoor and outdoor mats is important because too small a mat will prevent moisture from being absorbed in building entrances, while a mat that is too large is bulky and expensive. Size, it is also related to the appearance of the doorway. Cushions that are too large or too small may not fit properly in the space and look odd compared to your door. Mats of the correct size look good and give visitors the proper space to move around, reducing the possibility of dust getting inside whil...


  • Build Your Brand With Custom Floor Mats

    Color and Clarity MatterWhen crafting your Custom Floor Mats, make sure your logo, website address, and any other information is legible. Otherwise, it won't be as effective and consumers may associate your brand with another company with a similar logo. The colors you use should be consistent with your overall color scheme.For example, if your logo is light blue, it should appear light blue on the mat, not dark blue. Another thing to check is the base color of the mat, as you don't want your lo...


  • Discover the secrets you need to know to choose the perfect rug

    A common misconception when it comes to interior design is that soft furnishings require less thought than larger pieces of furniture. The truth is that soft furnishings play an integral role in the most important tasks like layering and making a house feel like a home, and they should be chosen with as much care as any other piece for your interior. Carpets, in particular, have long been a symbol of luxury, offering warmth and comfort underfoot, as well as color, texture and pattern. They can ...


  • Oriental Rugs and Rug Making

    Find out how washable carpets actually resist stains, dirt and pet accidents. Plus, find out where you can purchase one for your home. When it comes to bulk purchases, carpet is one of the biggest options. We beastly test washable carpets. Read on to find out what we thought after trying out a washable carpet in our home. Does it really washable? Yes! Perhaps more surprisingly, it does fit in a standard washing machine. I tested two sizes: 5'x7' and 3'x5', and they both fit (individually) easi...


  • Jute rugs that will add a cottage-chic vibe to your floors

    If your living room decoration is looking a bit stale, consider changing or adding rugs to the floor for a refreshing change. Rugs crafted from jute, with their natural construction and flatweave are the perfect option for adding a bit of warmth and textural appeal to the floors. Small, circular jute rugs that can be used to create a cosy nook near the window would bring about significant refreshment to any living space. 


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